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Student Feedback at the Engineering Department

We use a variety of feedback methods. Each have their strengths. All have proved useful. We are moving towards computer-mediated feedback because of the economies of scale (we have about 250 students per year, and 100s of lecture courses). We hope that the range of alternative methods and the general computer literacy of our students will avert sample bias.



Implementation Notes

Our system is Unix-based. People have to login before they can use it. This made user-validation easy for non-WWW feedback mechanisms.

The first surveys were handcrafted using Xlib graphics. The Teaching Office provided the list of questions that they wanted asking. When details change little from year to year, little work is involved by the Teaching Office or the Computer Staff. With the change from a 3 year to a 4 year course however, it's been harder to reduce the workload on the programmers. However, now that the syllabus has stablised we have developed other methods of getting student input with minimal programmer effort.

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