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The Feedback document covers the main computer-mediated methods used.

When practical experiments are set up, a feedback icon can be made available, giving students an easy way to e-mail the experiment supervisor.

The Interact Project developed a number of computer-based courses. Assessment was extensive and varied (video, debriefing, questionnaires, detailed observations of students, external assessors).

General ongoing:

An 'Instant Whinge' icon is on the standard desktop. This user-friendly front-end to the mailer lets students send e-mail straight to the teaching office.

We also monitor how many times each help document is read so that we can concentrate our re-writing efforts effectively.

The ucam.eng.suggest newsgroup is used by some students to contact staff. The ucam.eng.students newsgroup is used by students to talk amongst themselves.

The Staff-Student Joint Committee have an e-mail address and a Home Page.


We have produced a way to create and process online surveys. For each course students are asked about the quality of presentation and handouts, whether the work was too hard or too quickly presented, and whether the examples papers took too long. Then there are sections asking about coursework, supervisions and the course as a whole. Finally students have a chance to comment on whatever they like. The results are processed into histograms that are widely distributed amongst academic staff.

Tim Love
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