frame.title=Mandelbrot Viewer launcherApplet.launchCommand=Launch Mandelbrot Viewer launcherApplet.closeCommand=Close Mandelbrot Viewer status.idle=Idle status.mouseCoords=(x,y) = ({0}, {1}) status.imageSize=Image Size = {0}x{1} error.memory=Out of Memory! Try using a smaller image size. menu.file=File menu.control=Control menu.palette=Palette menu.paletteLength=PaletteLength menu.maxIterations=MaxIterations Param File... Param File... command.saveImage=Save PNG Image... command.quit=Quit command.close=Close command.restoreAllDefaults=Restore All Defaults command.undoChangeOfLimits=Restore Previous Limits command.defaultLimits=Restore Default Limits command.showLimits=Show Limits... command.enterLimits=Set Limits... command.enterImageSize=Set Image Size... command.palette.spectrum=Spectrum command.palette.paleSpectrum=Pale Spectrum command.palette.grayscale=Grayscale command.palette.reverseGrayscale=Reverse Grayscale command.palette.gradientBlackToRed=Black-to-Red Gradient command.palette.gradientRedToCyan=Red-to-Cyan Gradient command.palette.gradientOrangeToBlue=Orange-to-Blue Gradient command.palette.customGradient=Custom Gradient... command.pallete.lengthTracksMaxIterations=Palette Length = Max Iterations command.palette.length=Palette Length = {0} command.palette.customLength=Custom Palette Length... command.palette.customLengthQuestion=What palette length do you want?\n(Answer must be an integer in the\nrange 0 to 500000.) command.palette.customLengthError=Sorry, "{0}" is not a\nlegal palette length. command.maxiterations=Maximum Iterations = {0} command.maxiterations.custom=Custom Maximum... command.maxiterations.customQuestion=What is the maximum number of iterations?\n(Answer must be an integer in the range\n0 to 500000.) command.maxiterations.customError=Sorry, "{0}" is not legal value for\nthe maximum number of iterations. xml.error.wrongType=Params document has incorrect\ntype: "{0}"; should be\nmandelbrot_settings. xml.error.wrongSettingsVersion=Params document does not have the\ncorrect mandelbrot settings version. xml.error.illegalSettingsValue=The setting "{1}" in the params\ndocment is not a legal value for "{0}". files.saveparams.title=Select Params File to Save files.saveparams.defaultFileName=mandelbrot_settings.mdb files.saveparams.error.cannotOpen=Sorry, but an error occurred while trying\nto open file "{0}":\n{1} files.saveparams.error.cannotWrite=Sorry, but an error occurred while trying\nto write to file "{0}":\n{1} files.fileexists=The file "{0}" already exists.\nDo you want to replace it? files.confirmsave.title=Confirm Save files.openparams.title=Select Params File to Open files.openparams.error.notXML=Sorry, but an error occurred while trying\nto read file "{0}":\n{1} files.openparams.error.notParamsFile=Sorry, but the file "{0}" is not\na legal params file. Error:\n{1} files.saveimage.noImage=Sorry, but no image is\navailable at this time. files.saveimage.title=Select Image File to Save files.saveimage.defaultFileName=mandelbrot_image.png files.saveimage.noPNG=PNG format not available files.saveimage.cantwrite=Sorry, but an error occurred while trying\nto write the image to file "{0}":\n{1} dialog.showLimits=The range of x and y values that\nis currently shown is:\n\n{0} < x < {1}\n{2} < y < {3} button.cancel=Cancel button.ok=OK imagesizedialog.title=Set Image Size imagesizedialog.widthequals=width = imagesizedialog.heightequals=height = imagesizedialog.question=Enter your desired size for the image.\
The width and height must be integers\
in the range 10 to 5000. Your input\
will be adjusted, if necessary, to\
fit on the screen. imagesizedialog.error.widthnotanumber=The input "{0}" for the width\nis not a legal integer. imagesizedialog.error.heightnotanumber=The input "{0}" for the height\nis not a legal integer. imagesizedialog.error.badwidth=The input "{0}" for the width is\n not in the legal range of values. imagesizedialog.error.badheight=The input "{0}" for the height is\n not in the legal range of values. limitsdialog.xmin=Minimum x Value limitsdialog.xmax=Maximum x Value limitsdialog.ymin=Minimum y Value limitsdialog.ymax=Maximum y Value limitsdialog.title=Set Image Size limitsdialog.question=Enter your desired ranges for x and y to\
be shown in the image. Your input will\
be adjusted to fit the shape of the window. limitsdialog.error.NAN=The input "{0}" for {1}\nis not a legal real number. limitsdialog.error.xValuesOutOfOrder=The maximum value for x must be\ngreater than the minimum value. limitsdialog.error.yValuesOutOfOrder=The maximum value for y must be\ngreater than the minimum value.