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Scanning documents to PDF


Some Canon photocopiers in the department, currently

are able to scan documents instead of copying them, and can send the result as a PDF (Acrobat) format file to a remote machine.

The obvious advantage of this over a normal desktop scanner is the ability to use the document feeder to scan multiple pages easily.

How to use it

The instructions on this page will tell you how to scan your document, so that the resulting PDF format file is sent to the departmental ftp server, and how to retrieve it from there.

Before attempting to scan

Read the help about the CUED ftp server and use the ftpupload command on gate to set up your own upload area on it.

Note that using this "per user" upload directory means that only you will be able to access the scanned file; files uploaded in this manner are not made available for anonymous download, but only for authenticated access.

Using the photocopier as a scanner

Although these instructions look lengthy and complicated, in practice only a few button "presses" (around ten) are usually required to complete the process.

A laminated printout of these instructions should be posted on the wall just above the photocopier, to save having to memorise them.

Once you have done all of this, the photocopier will load the document from the document feeder in the same way as if it was doing a photocopy, but it will send the document in electronic form to our ftp server. When it has finished, you will be able to get hold of your document by following the instructions either for retrieving your data from the ftp server, or for SMB (Windows) access to ftp data.

The file will be located in your upload directory, and the photocopier will have given it a filename of the form YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.pdf (eg 20060404152444.pdf).

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