Department of Engineering

Forwarding electronic mail

Where do I change my forwarding?

Hermes Users - including all staff and students

All current staff and students have their email forwarded to Hermes at the system level.

To change the forwarding of your hermes email please see the computing service documentation on Hermes Email: Forwarding (redirection) and vacation messages. Our advice on using Hermes webmail may also be helpful to you.

Other Offsite forwardings

Many collaborators and visitors have their engineering mail forwarded to an offsite address, perhaps at another university. If your mail is already forwarded to another site at the system level then please ask Postmaster (postmaster-query) to make the change.

Engineering Accounts

There still exist a very small number of mail accounts on the engineering mail server. These are usually role accounts for a specific purpose, or shared email accounts. These accounts are not expected to need to set up forwardings or return "Out of Office" messages. If you are responsible for one of these accounts and want to change how it is handled please contact Postmaster (postmaster-query).

If you are a member of staff or student then your personal mail will be forwarded to hermes, and you need to follow the instructions above for hermes users.