Department of Engineering

Filtering mail on hermes

If you have both a hermes email address and an engineering email address you may want to redirect your mail so that it goes into two separate mail boxes, depending on which address it was sent to. You can do this using the filtering facilities in the Hermes webmail interface. You can read the mail in folders other than the INBOX by using webmail or by setting up your mail client to use IMAP instead of POP (see Using Mail User Agents for help with most common email programs).

Setting up Filters

First you need to go to webmail and login. Then you need to click on the "Manage" icon. In the section on "Mail Processing" you should click on the button marked "Filters".

To filter on the To:address:

  • choose "Filter on recipient" from the drop down box.
  • Fill in your engineering email address in the box and click "Add filter".
  • Find the folder you want to save to, click "Select (no copy)".
  • If you want a new folder then you can create one at the bottom of the page by filling in the name and clicking "Create" and then select it as above.

You can repeat this process for each incoming address which goes to your hermes mailbox, eg.,, and choose which mailbox each should be saved in.

This filtering will handle any email with that address in the "To:" or "Cc:" line of the headers. If you're on a mailing list and find mailing list mail is ending up in the wrong place you can go back to the Filters page and choose "Filter on Sender" instead, and fill in the mailing list sending address eg. then click "Add filter" And pick the folder you want that list's mail to go to.

To get rid of a filter go into filters menu and click "Remove this filter" link.

For more information on hermes filtering see the Computing Service FAQ.