Department of Engineering

Rules/guidelines for allocation and use of a hermes role account

This summary combines the rules imposed by the Computing Service, along with local guidance and policies on how these rules apply to particular engineering uses. You can also see the Computing Service information shared mailboxes.

  1. All shared mailboxes applications for engineering use must pass through postmaster: the naming space is very cramped and must be carefully allocated: we have 5 alphabetic characters to express all our roles, although the actual role account address will normally be hidden behind a functional role email alias.
  2. The Computing Service need a single named individual (not a role) who is deemed to be the person responsible for the account. This person has the following responsibilities and powers:
    1. They are responsible for ensuring that all users of the shared mailbox use it in accordance with Computing Service Rules and also follow the additional shared mailbox rules below.
    2. They are the only person to whom the Computing Service will issue a new password for the specified role account.
    3. If they are no longer able to take responsibility for the account (e.g. they are about to leave) they must make arrangements for responsibility for the account to either be transferred to someone else, or for the account to be closed. Both the Computing Service and the Engineering Department postmaster need to be informed of such changes.
    In the Engineering department this person should normally be a permanent member of staff with responsibility for the area in which the role concerned falls. They do not necessarily have to be one of the people who normally use the account.
  3. Each user of the role mailbox must have individually signed that they will obey the rules of the Computing Service (in most cases the individuals concerned will have individual hermes accounts themselves, and the hermes application form covers this). Special action will be required if any of the users of the role mailbox do not have other Computing Service accounts (e.g. if they are a temp): should be consulted in such cases.
  4. All messages sent out from the account must clearly identify the individual sending the message as well as the role they are performing. Where possible a comment in the From: header should give the personal name, and in all cases a signature within the body of the messages must identify the individual by name.
  5. The password for the role account must be changed whenever one of the people using the role account leaves: the Computing Service expect the department and the nominated responsible person to be able to identify the source of any abusive email that comes from the account.
  6. The Computing Service take no responsbility for any damage which may be caused to the shared mailbox or loss of email. Where a role mailbox is shared between several people it is important that those using the mailbox establish conventions for what folders are used to store what classes of email, who deals with what sort of query and so on.