Department of Engineering

Archiving email

Some people receive a lot of email, or lots of very large email messages, which they need to have access to on a regular or occasional basis even when they're not at their own computer. Others have a shared hermes account so need any archived mail to still be accessible by several people. If the maximum quota allowed by hermes is too small to store all this email then the imap-archive service may be useful.

Please note that if you have a hermes quota of under 4GB (4000MB) we would first suggest that you apply to the computing service for more quota. You can do so online at the following address:

How it works

The imap-archive is an IMAP server, which allows you to store mail folders the same way they are stored on hermes. In most mail programs you would simply see it as a second set of folders alongside your hermes folders. Although you will see an INBOX folder no mail is delivered to this folder. You can usually move mail simply by dragging it from one account to the other.

To get a personal account on imap-archive simply email postmaster-query to request one, and then you will be able to log in with CRSid and engineering password. If you wish to have a shared imap-archive account to go alongside a shared hermes role account you will also need to speak to the operators in order set a password for it.


Exact settings will depend on your email program. Please contact helpdesk if you need assistance.

Your Name and Email address settings, and the settings for outgoing mail (SMTP) should be set exactly the same as for your hermes account.

You should configure the incoming mail to use IMAP, with the following settings:

Incoming Server:
Username: your CRSid or role account id
Port: 993
Security: SSL enabled
Authentication: Normal password