Department of Engineering

Using the departmental LDAP server to find mail addresses

Many mail user agents allow you to automatically look up addresses in a directory server. The department provides an LDAP server, which can be used in this way. The correct settings to use this directory are as follows:

Server name:
Port number: 389
SSL/secure connection: no
Search base: ou=Engineering Department, o=Cambridge University, c=GB

If you need assistance in setting this up in your email program then please contact helpdesk.

Using the University Lookup directory

The Computing Service also provide an LDAP server which allows you to use the data from the University Lookup directory in your email program. The settings for this directory are as follows:

Server name:
Port number: 636
SSL/secure connection: yes
Search base: ou=people,o=University of Cambridge,dc=cam,dc=ac,dc=uk

For more information and advice on how to use it in different email programs, see their webpage on Using the University LDAP Directory to find email addresses.

As before please contact helpdesk if you need any assistance.