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Using your email program


A mail user agent (MUA) is a program that allows you to read, send and manage your electronic mail. The mail is actually stored on a mailstore which is usually on a different computer. There are a wide variety of computer programs to do this running on different platforms and we are only able to support a limited number of these.

Almost all users in CUED now have their personal mail accounts on Hermes. The Engineering mail servers are now only used for some role accounts, for temporary secretaries and for testing purposes.

Hermes users

If you do not know which mail program you want to use you may want to see the Computing Service's page on Choosing a mail program which includes documentation of Hermes Webmail, as well as many popular clients such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Pine, Thunderbird, etc.

To set up your mail program for Hermes we recommend you see their page on Email program settings for hermes. This page has links to instructions for many common email programs (such as those mentioned above) and it also has a page outlining the correct settings to use for any other program not listed.

Most people prefer to make one change to those settings, which is to use their engineering email address instead of their hermes address on outgoing mail.

Outlook users: Please make sure you have Outlook set to send mail in Plain Text format (in Tools->Options: Mail Format) - other forms of formatting are not compatible with other mail programs, and will result in a strange attachment called "winmail.dat" being sent.

It is very much recommended by the Computing Service that you use IMAP settings rather than POP settings for your mail program. This allows you to keep folders on the server so you can access them from elsewhere, and is also considered more reliable.

Engineering users

If you have a temporary, role or test account on the Engineering mail server and need help configuring a mailer to access it then please contact helpdesk.


If you have a problem and cannot find the answer in these pages then please contact helpdesk.