Department of Engineering

Setting up a vacation message

Hermes users

Please see our advice on using Hermes webmail and the computing service documentation on Hermes Email: Forwarding (redirection) and vacation messages.

The latter page states:

The Aliases box can be used to define a comma separated list of additional email addresses which will trigger vacation messages in this way. This is normally used in conjunction with "friendly" email address associated with an institution.

You should add your engineering address(s) to the alias box, and if you have an additional Personal Mail Alias you should add this too.

Example: ",,"

Role Addresses

You should not normally add role addresses into the aliases box unless you are the only person who receives mail addressed to that role. In this case you should make sure that the vacation message clearly states who should be contacted instead.

Engineering users

There still exist a very small number of mail accounts on the engineering mail server. These are usually role accounts for a specific purpose, or shared email accounts.

These accounts are not expected to need to set up forwardings or return "Out of Office" messages. If you are responsible for one of these accounts and want to change how it is handled please contact Postmaster (postmaster-query).