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Computer Printout Accounts and Charging Mechanisms at CUED

These days there are two print systems, which account and charge for printout. The systems are:

  • Uniflow - There are a collection of canon printer/copier/scanner units around the Department. Any member of the Department can use these facilities. Printing/copying is costed, so those wanting to print or copy must have a means of payment in place before use. Information on uniflow is available on a separate page.
    Note: from Easter term 2012, IIA and IIB undergraduates will have their personal quotas transfered to the uniflow system.

  • Teaching system printers - The remainder of this page relates to the printing charging mechanism for the teaching system printers.

Introduction to the Teaching System Printer Charging Mechanism

Automated computer printout charging is implemented on the Teaching System printers on the departmental printing system.

There are two mechanisms for paying, by personal quota or by departmental job number.

IA and IB Undergraduates will normally only use their personal quota and will start each academic year with a free quota sufficient for normal requirements for that year's work. Unused quota from one year is carried forward to the next. A discretionary arrangement is in place if the default quota doesn't cover undergraduate coursework needs. Other users will generally be authorised to use a job number. All users may, if they wish, purchase additional personal quota online via the EPOS system . Use of job numbers will be monitored to ensure that they are only being used by those authorised to do so.

Note that there is no charge for cover pages (where printed), only those pages comprising the print job itself are charged.

This web page contains the following information about the printer charging mechanism and how to use it. For help on other printing problems see the main printing page.

How to release your printout from the Teaching System 'Printer Charging Mechanism'

Once you have submitted a job to the printing mechanism you will need to access the 'Printer charging and release' interface. You will required to authenticate yourself with your CRSid (the first part of your email address) and your PIN.

The Interface

Printer Interface Screen

The top section allows you to choose your payment method and shows you your remaining quota as both a monetary amount and as a number of Black and white A4 prints.

There is also a tick box entitled 'Show unowned and anonymous jobs'. Ticking this box will display the section 'Jobs not owned by a recognised user' and displays any job from any system that doesn't use departmental IDs. These may include PCs or computers from specific group networks. Claiming one of these jobs will mean that it will be charged to your quota or job-number.

'Change charging method / Update job list' updates the interface with any changes and is important if you change your payment method.

The section entitled 'Jobs owned by you awaiting authorisation' displays the name of the printer your job had been sent to, the ID of your job, the name of your job, your CRSid, the size of the job, and its current state.

You are then given the option to 'Print and Charge to *****'s quota ' or 'Cancel'

The job will then be released to the printer and charged to you so it is important that you collect your printout at the earliest opportunity.

How to pay for your printout

You can buy print quota online, via the EPOS system . Having put money onto your EPOS account, you need to "transfer funds from EPOS account to Departmental Teaching System print quota"

Undergraduates who find that their print quota doesn't cover the requirements of their coursework should see the Operators for a discretionary additional quota.

What to do if something goes wrong.

Any problems with printout MUST be reported to the Computer Operators immediately.

If you have an issue about quantity of printing do not erase the file to be printed as the operators will need it as a cross reference. A record of 'Problems' will be kept by the operators that will include comments on the nature of the complaint and user information.

Failure to inform the operators immediately will lead to no remedial action being possible and the ensuing costs being absorbed by the user.

Click here for further information on printing issues.


Quota problems

  • How will I know what my quota is?
    You will be informed when you visit the 'Printer charging and release interface'.

  • How do I get more quota?
    Online, via EPOS. Note: there are special arrangements for minor increases to Undergraduate quotas for coursework.

  • All my quota has vanished. Help!
    From Easter term 2012, IIA and IIB undergraduates moved to the uniflow system.

  • What happens if my quota is negative?
    You will be unable to do any more printing until you purchase more.

Payment Problems

  • What do I do if I want to do private printing?
    You can purchase quota online by transferring funds from your EPOS account to your Departmental Teaching System print quota.

  • What are the charges?
    A4 Black & White printing is 2.5p per page.
    A4 Colour printing is 10p per page.
    TIP - If you print duplex you can effectively DOUBLE your quota.
    A3 is double the A4 cost.


    More information can be found on the main 'Printing' page.

Other Problems

  • What happens if I don't know a job number?
    See your supervisor or group/divisional administrator.

  • What if I have forgotten my pin number?
    Type 'pin' on a teaching system terminal and enter your teaching system password.

  • I cannot find my job on the job queue?
    Try checking the 'Jobs not owned by a recognised user' queue.

  • What printers can I currently print to?
    This mechanism currently applies to cljmrn, ljidp and ljmr (which is sent to ljmr1 or ljmr2). Printers cljmrn, ljmr1 and ljmr2 are all situated in IE1-31, which is next to the DPO (across the corridor from the Operators Office). Printer ljidp is in the EIET Lab.

    Other printers in general belong to specific research groups and may only be used if you have explicit permission to do so.

  • When can I print?
    Normal printing restrictions apply to printing during teaching time.
    During timetabled teaching computer based sessions, printing from those sessions has priority on the Teaching System printers and other printing should be kept to a minimum.

    The Operators have the authority to cancel any non computer based teaching printing during these times.


IA and IB Undergraduates are assigned a quota at the beginning of the year which should be sufficient for their coursework. There are special arrangements for minor increase to ugrad quotas for coursework. Anyone may buy quota, eg for private printing, online via the EPOS system

Staff who feel that their students need more quota should contact the Teaching Office.

Quota emails

You will be sent

  • A termly 'statement' of your use. You will be warned if you usage is higher than expected, i.e. you are likely to run out before the end of the academic year.
  • A warning if you have less than 20 sheets left.


All postgraduates and staff members use job numbers for purchasing within the University.
Printing is a chargeable commodity like photocopying.
You must make sure that you are authorised to use the job-number you enter for printing/photocopying.

A record of all transactions is recorded and any infringements are severely dealt with with additional charges for administrative time incurred.

Why we had to introduce the system.

This was partly done to prevent excessive use by a small number of people and partly to facilitate full Economic Costing (fEC) on all consumables within the University.

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