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Computer Printout Quotas for Undergraduates

The following arrangements for Undergraduate printing quotas have been made by the Teaching Committee:

  1. New quota to be added at the start of each year (£1 is equivalent to 40 sheets, and potentially 80 sides, of A4):
    IA £2-00
    IB £3-00
    IIA £7-00
    IIB £9-00
    Note: MET1 and MET2 students are not given new quota on the main site system, as it is normally expected that they will do their course-related printing at the IfM, using the facilities provided there.

  2. Unused quota from one year carries forward to the next.

  3. The Computer Operators are authorised to make a single, discretionary, free of charge £1 quota increase if a student makes a satisfactory case on academic grounds. Only one discretionary payment is allowed per student for each year. There is a form for this purpose.

  4. Members of staff in charge of courses are encouraged to let the Teaching Office know if their course has unusually high printing requirements.

  5. These quotas are reviewed annually by the Teaching Committee in the light of actual use in the previous year and changing course requirements.

The above allocations (including the extra £1 where applicable) should be comfortably sufficient to cover the requirements of the course. Printing in excess of these allocations can be purchased from the Finance Office in increments of £2 or £5.

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