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More Printing Matters

Network printing

Printing over the Engineering network can be done by two means:

CUPS printing

See the network printing page for details of which printers are currently available on CUPS and how to connect your printer.

Networked CUPS printers belong to either a research group or an individual. So before configuring your machine to print to a network printer, make sure that you are authorised to do so.

MS Windows users - Adding and configuring a CUPS network printer

See the separate instructions. These instructions contain information specific to adding and configuring some CUPS printers which aren't online any longer! However the same instructions can be used for printing to any network printer so long as:

  • You have permission to print to that printer.
  • You have the correct printer drivers installed on your PC.

If in doubt, consult your Computer Officer.

Poster Printing

These days poster printing is done by the Print Room.

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