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How to find a fault in a document that will not print all it's pages.

Problem: You have sent a 20 page document to print and it stops printing, say on the fifth page.

Fault finding: Resend the document from page six onwards. If this prints you have shown that one page, page 5, has a faulty element in the page that the system cannot cope with.

Fixing the problem: To find out what is causing the problem, open the document up in whatever application you made it in and remove an element from the faulty page. So an element may be a graph or a picture. Once you have removed that element, send the page to print again. If it prints you have found the problem. If it does not print replace the element and try again. Sometimes this just does not work, so another way of getting around the problem is to copy the data from the faulty page into a new document and try printing that. I can only say I've seen it work!