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Operators' Top Tips No1:

Changing your Teaching System Password

If you are not able to physically come to the DPO and log-in to one of the teaching system computers you can change your password remotely by following the instruction on the following web page. These instruction assume that you remember your current password. Offsite password change

1. Log into the Teaching System by entering your user ID and Password. Once you have logged in click on the terminal icon (an arrow is pointing at the terminal icon in the picture below.)

Finding terminal window

2. Move the mouse pointer so it is in the terminal window. Now left click on the mouse button. This makes the terminal window the active window. Now type "passwd" and then hit return.

entering passwd command

3. Type in the old password. As you type nothing will appear on the screen. This is just UNIX's way of being extra secure. Once you have entered your password hit return.

request for old password

4. Type in a new password. Again nothing will appear on the screen. Now hit return. The new password must be between 8 and 14 characters, contain at least one letter and at least one non-letter, and cannot be a name or word in any language.

type new password

5. Confirm the new password. Once more nothing will appear on the screen. Now hit return.

retype new password

6. You should now see a completion message "password changed on server" (see below). You have successfully changed your password. This change takes up to 30 minute to propagate around our systems. If you see any other messages start this process again from stage 2. If you continue to have problems contact the Computer Operators.

text returned when command is successful

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