Department of Engineering

Our policy on network misuse

General Policy

The Engineering Department takes very seriously any misuse of its computer systems, including their use to attack or inconvenience other systems or users, for example by sending unsolicited bulk e-mail ('spam') or by forgery of parts of e-mail messages. Furthermore, we are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy of our Internet Service Provider JANET.

We will take action against any user of our computer systems who is found to have contravened our rules or those of JANET.

Unsolicited e-mail

If you have received unwanted e-mail which appears to have been sent from an address within the Cambridge University Engineering Department (, it is possible that the sender address has been forged. If you look at the Received lines in the full headers of the message you should be able to see if the message has been sent through a machine in if it was not sent through a machine it is much more likely to be forged. Our mail servers are set up so they are protected against unauthorised mail relaying.

We will investigate all cases of apparent abuse that are reported to us, regardless of whether the mail was sent from our system or we are victims of forgers. If you want us to investigate unsolicited mail that appears to come from please send a complete copy of the message including the full headers to

If you are a member of the Department, you should be aware of the University's Information Strategy and Services Syndicate guidelines on bulk e-mail when sending any non-personal mail. Note that sending a message even to a mailing list of which you are a member may constitute unsolicited bulk e-mail if the topic of the e-mail has nothing to do with the purpose of the mailing list. Further information on mailing lists is available. If you have received unsolicited bulk e-mail from outside the Department, please see our guidelines on what you should do.

Other network misuse

If you believe that a machine in is 'probing' or abusing your system or network in some other way, please be aware that the behaviour may in fact be a normal response to a connection from your site. We provide further information on some typical cases. If the incident does not appear to be covered by those cases, please report it to us at the address shown on that page. The page also gives a list of information that will help us to investigate the incident. We will take all complaints seriously.

If you wish to report some other form of misuse, not related to security, please contact us, with as much information as you are able to provide, at

Web page content

If you wish to complain about the content of a web page on a server within, you should in the first instance contact the maintainer of the page concerned. Their address should be available at the bottom of the page. If the issue is still not resolved, please contact