Department of Engineering

IT Services

Printing (and Photocopying)

The Department's main provision for self-service printing and photocopying is based on the Canon printers/copiers in the Self-Service Printer Room off the DPO and many other locations around the buildings. These are controlled by the Uniflow accounting system so that costs can be properly attributed either to a cost centre or personal account. All these printers, and many private ones in offices and research groups, can be accessed via the Department's central CUPS Server. Whilst the Uniflow printers are intended for general use, the others should only be used if you have been given permission to do so.

The print system primarily operates with postscript. The CUPS Server can convert many other formats to this but jobs sent directly to the Uniflow server should be postscript. Jobs sent to Uniflow will be held until released (or deleted) at a Uniflow printer, others will normally print as soon as the printer is ready.

Bulk printing and copying facilities are provided by the Department's Print Room which provides a range of services currently to members of the Department, staff of other University departments, and to private customers.