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Printing Commands

Where possible, we're trying to make programs use a standard Printing Panel that lets you control output, but you'll find that some programs (e.g. acroread) have non-standard Printing Panels and other (old) programs may have no in-built printing facilities - you'll need to create an output file then print it. Clicking on an output file will usually run a program that does have printing facilities.

Here are some commands that people have found useful when standard Printing Panels aren't available.

  • Text in landscape mode - Try "lp -o landscape filename" from the command line
  • Single-sided output - By default, most output is double-sided ("Duplex"). For single sided use "lp -o sides=one-sided filename" from the command line. You can get single-sided output from LibreOffice by switching to "Off" the Duplex Property available from the Print panel.
  • The booklet program will print a postscript file out as an A5 booklet.
  • Note that Matlab's "Monochrome" option is permanently greyed out. You can get monochrome output by using matlab's "print -dps2" option.
  • Applications do not always set the correct default options for a printer. For example the wrong paper tray for a given paper size may be specified or simply an unsupported paper size like US letter. This will generally cause the print job either to be rejected or stalled. If these problems occur, check the printer properties in the application.