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Papercut Printing and Photocopying


The Papercut system provides accounting of printing and copying on all the general access Xerox printer/copiers around the Department so that the cost of using these can be properly attributed either to a cost centre or personal account.

Users logon at a copier, normally using their University Card, and they can then copy or scan documents or release (or delete) print jobs. Users submit print jobs to a single network print queue (\\papercut\printers), where the jobs are held until the user releases them to be printed. A print job can be released on any Papercut controlled printer/copier, but only by the user who submitted it. In general therefore, print jobs must be submitted from a personal account for which there is an associated University Card and Password and not from a role account.

As well as this Papercut interface on the copiers, there is also a Web interface which contains more details, e.g. of personal account balance, queued print jobs, etc.

Logon and Basic Use of the Copiers

Users can logon at a copier using either their University Card or their Engineering Department user id (normally the same as their CRSid/Raven ID/Hermes email ID) and Teaching System password. Most of the interaction with the copier is via a touch sensitive screen on which the item to be selected can be tapped with a finger. The physical buttons alongside the screen (more details of these are in the quick guides to the copiers: Xerox 7800 - floor standing; and Xerox 6655 - desktop) provide various screen independent functions of which the most useful are:

  • the home button (silver, top leftmost) returns to this menu;
  • the power save button (top rightmost and illuminated green on some copiers) enters/leaves power save mode;
  • the big green button starts a scan for copy or email;
  • the login button (key icon above it, near the middle at the top);
  • and the help button (? icon)
  • .

Using the Card to login simply involves placing it temporarily on the reader (much as for building access). Alternatively to use your user id and Password, first tap the box at the upper right of the screen to labelled "Alternate login" to open up the Password login dialogue, then follow the instructions to enter your userid and password as described above. To logout, either: press the login button; put your card back on the reader; or tap on your name at the top right of the screen and select the logout option.

All jobs will be charged to the user's default cost center (see below).

The next screen presents options to Copy, Email and Print Release. These are covered in the next sections.

Remember to logout when you have finished!


The copying functionality follows the normal pattern for a reasonably high end copier. The copy button is the large green button below the screen. Output from copying and printing is in the tray below the display (except on those machines with a collator/finisher on the side).

Email (Scan and Send)

Documents may be scanned in various resolutions and formats and sent by email either to the logged in user or a recipient email address may be entered. Emails have the from field set to the logged in user. After any options have been set via the menus, scanning is initiated using the copy button.

Error reporting from scan and send is fairly minimal so there will not necessarily be an indication to the user if a problem occurs, e.g.: the recipient address is mistyped; or the scan is too big for the email system to deliver. In general it is probably best to send the scan to oneself (and then forward it if necessary) and to select a lower than maximum resolution.

Print Release

A list of the user's print jobs is presented from which jobs can be selected and then printed (and deleted) or just deleted. Note that there is no mechanism for seeing and selecting jobs other than those submitted by the user identifier of the person logged in so this must be correctly set when the job is submitted (see below under Setting up Computers).

The listing on the printer is fairly minimal but indicates the job name, cost and some other details (more details can be obtained from the Web interface). It is sensible to check the cost before printing and that the job as a whole is affordable. If it is not, the job must be deleted and resubmitted with different options chosen (e.g. black and white rather than colour). This also applies to the cost centre which is set when the job is submitted and can only be changed by deleting and resubmitting the job.

Cost Centres

It is important that the correct cost centre is chosen so that the costs of printing can be properly attributed. All print jobs will be charged to your default cost centre unless you use the Papercut pop-up to change this. Cost centres for copying can be selected on the copier.

Staff and Research Students can set up their default cost centre and a list of other available cost centres by using the web application at (Undergraduates will normally only have access to their Personal cost centre.) If you need to use a cost centre other than the one currently set as your default for printing, you will need to use the Papercut pop-up when submitting the job. Divisional policy varies on what cost centres should be included in your list of available cost centres and you should check with your Divisional Administrator before adding cost centres (some administrators prefer to maintain these lists themselves). If you add a cost centre outside your own Division, the administrator for that Division will be automatically alerted.

Users must only use those cost centres which they are authorised to use. All usage is recorded.

Personal Accounts

Any member of the Department may pay into their Personal Budget via the Department's EPOS system. Undergraduates and some others on taught courses are given an initial quota in their personal account sufficient for the printing associated with their course. The personal account should be used for all personal copying and printing. This account must contain sufficient credit to print a job before it is selected (including implicitly as the default cost centre), otherwise the job may be automatically deleted.

Default Cost Centre

The default cost centre is the one to which print jobs will be charged unless an alternative is selected using the Papercut pop-up. It will also be used for copying unless an alternative is chosen on the copier.

Papercut Pop-Up

For printing, if you need to use a cost centre other than the one currently set as your default, you will need to have the Papercut pop-up on your computer. Please contact the Help-Desk (helpdesk) to arrange to have this installed and activated.

Setting up Computers to Print to Papercut

Printing to the printers controlled by Papercut is much the same as to any other printer except that:

  • There is one main queue (\\papercut\printers), the choice of printer being made by logging on to to the printer and selecting the job to be printed (some of the printers also have separate, specific, auto-release queues);
  • Because the jobs are accounted it is essential that the owner of job is correctly set to the user id of the person submitting it. Any jobs submitted with an id which is not a valid departmental id known to the Papercut system will be dropped without any error being reported.

A separate page provides details of how to set this up on various types of client computer. This is relatively simple for Windows and MacOS. On Linux a local CUPS server can be used to provide access to the Windows printer share (\\papercut\printers) as this must be accessed directly from the client computer rather than via the Department's central print server (print-serv) because of the way that user ids are handled.

Requests, Problems, Questions, etc

If you have a problem, please see the FAQ to check whether it is a commonly encountered problem and what the solution is. For other problems, requests or questions, please email the helpdesk.