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Papercut Printing and Photocopying - FAQ

The printer does not log me in when I present my card at a printer or copier - Your card may be out of date and a new one has been issued by the University Card Office and Papercut has the data for the new card, not the old one; or your Teaching System password may have expired. If your card is out of date, email security-admin to get a new one. If your password has expired, contact the Help Desk (helpdesk) to set a new one.

I have sent a print job to Papercut but when I log in at the printer it isn't listed - There are two likely causes:

  • your computer isn't supplying your departmental user id as the owner of the job but is instead using some other name set up on your computer. Some operating systems allow the user id sent to the printer to be configured separately but others do not. More details are provided on the main Papercut help page under "Setting up Computers to Print to Papercut" but much the simplest solution may be to ensure that you use the departmental user id throughout.
  • Papercut is rejecting the job because you do not have sufficient funds to print it. This check will often be done against your default cost centre (unless another is specified at the time of submission) and hence this needs to be set to an appropriate cost centre with sufficient funds.

I've tried to print my document but no output has been produced - the output tray on most of the Xerox machines is quite well hidden (at the front below the display) so it may that you've not spotted it. If you've checked and it's not there, there may be a problem with the job itself and you may need to contact the Help Desk.

I am new to the Department, how do I get the system to recognise me? - This should happen automatically within a day or two of your registering with the IT Help Desk. If it does not, please check with the helpdesk.

I am new to the Department and only get my personal cost centre listed when I login to a printer/copier - This list of cost centres you see needs to be initialised appropriately for the Division you are in (Undergraduates will generally only have their personal cost centre) as explained on the main Papercut help page.

How do I choose which printer a Papercut job prints to? - Normally no selection is made until you release the job by going to a printer and logging in. Most of the printers in offices (but not those in public areas) are additionally set up with their own queues so that jobs can be sent directly to them.

How do I make Papercut print colour? - Open your document, select: file>print> chose Papercut as the printer and then go into properties. Within properties you can select colour but different systems display this differently so you will have to look.

How much does printing/copying/scanning cost? - Scanning is free. Printing and copying costs are detailed on a separate web page..