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MECH1 is a program aimed at first year undergraduates with little previous experience of mechanics.

The program is based on a mechanism dynamics computer program written by A L Johnson at CUED and it has been designed to allow students to examine the behaviour of three quick return mechanisms which are frequently used in shaping machines. The program will assist the student who is investigating the changing velocity distributions of the slider which holds the cutting tool in each of the three mechanisms. The program replaces some of the repetitive tasks which are involved in the manual graphical techniques of velocity diagrams and instantaneous centres.

The student is shown animated displays of the movement of each mechanism through 360 degrees rotation of the crank with a graph of velocity versus position of the cutting tool developing on the screen in synchronisation with the movement of the mechanism. The student can stop the animated display and examine the configuration of the mechanism at various crank rotations. Hard copy of the velocity versus position graph is available to the student.

The program aims to help the students visualise the kinematic behaviour of the mechanisms throughout rotation and also allows the lecturer to increase the range and complexity of the questions which can be asked of the students at that level without the necessity of repetitive manual graphics.

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Updated on 12th December, 1997