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Troubleshooting Problems in running the Pre and Processing Modules

This section deals with likely problems that might be encountered in running the GUI based modules.

(1) Graphics problem

For any graphics related problem add the following line to the file abaqus_v6.env.
If this does not exist in the ABAQUS start up directory then create it.


This should not be added to the system file of the same name for Windows PC.

Example : C:\ABAQUS\6.8-1\site\abaqus_v6.env

(2) In running the CAE or VIEWER if you get the following response :

ABAQUS/VIEWER checked out one license
from the license server on needle
(54 out of 55 licenses remain available).
Exception 'Exception: xmd_ResourceErr: Insufficient system resource available.
in file /usr/abaqus60/6-r62_copy/source/xmd/impl/xmd_XMediaRole.C at line 248'
exiting job.
DISCONNECTING from the License Manager
ABAQUS Error: ABAQUS/CAE Kernel exited with an error.
ABAQUS Error: ABAQUS/Viewer exited with an error

Then you need to quit from any other packages which you may be running (which uses many colours : Example Mozilla) and then try again.

(3) Getting blank or black pages when producing hardcopy of plots on ljmr1, ljmr2

It appears that when you print directly from CAE and Viewer modules users are getting BLANK or completely black pages instead. Saving the plots as postscript files and then printing these directly also produces blank pages. When viewing the saved postscript files using ghostview and then printing it from ghostview also gives blank pages. This is being investigated.

The fix to the problem is to add the following option "-oraw".

(a) If printing directly from CAE and Viewer use the following for the print command :

    lp -oraw -dljmr1
(b) If printing a saved postscript file then do the same :
    lp -oraw -dljmr1 ps-filename
If producing B & W plots make the following change :

Renderer : Graycale (Instead of B & W)

This will avoid producing completely black plots.

(4)Repeatedly redrawing the Mesh Problem This feature of repeatedly refreshing the screen is a known problem if running ABAQUS on the Linux servers using remote login from Pcs using X-win32.

If this makes it impossible to work with ABAQUS email teaching-support@eng.

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