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Submitting ABAQUS Jobs to Grid Engine

You need to login to one of Linux servers in the CUED Teaching System in order to submit an ABAQUS job to Grid Engine.

More information on Grid Engine

  1. Prepare the ABAQUS input file using CAE. Write out the ABAQUS Input file but do NOT submit the job.

    If the ABAQUS input file is in a sub-directory (say)

    abaqus/4thyrproject and has the name (say) plate.inp

  2. Prepare a script to submit the job to grid engine : Example :-
    cd ~<USER-ID>/abaqus/4thyrproject
    abq671 j=plate scratch=/tmp
    Substitute your user-id for <USER-ID>. For example if your user-id is "abcd12" use :

    cd ~abcd12/abaqus/4thyrproject

    You can use a text editor (emacs for example) for typing this and save it as (say) runaba to your HOME directory and NOT to the sub-directory where the ABAQUS input file is, otherwise the job will not run under GridEngine.

  3. Make that file into an executable.... in a X-term window on the command line type
                         chmod u+x runaba
  4. You need to type the following on the command line in a X-term window in your HOME directory (if in doubt use the "pwd" command to check the present working directory) to set up the environment.
    source /usr/local/apps/gridengine/blades/common/
  5. Type the following to submit the job :
        qsub runaba
        an alternate job submission option :
        qsub -m  be runaba
    The system response would be something like :
    Your job 926 ("runaba") has been submitted.
  6. Monitor the progress of your submitted job, by typing : (Remember that the jobs don't start executing before 5 PM week days)
  7. When the Job has completed look for files in your HOME directory with names starting with runaba.e* and runaba.o* (error and output files respectively). Here the job submission script name is the first name used.
  8. In case of errors relating to the GridEngine check the following : (Any problems with the ABAQUS run due to problems in the input file is not dealt with here.)

    (a) ABAQUS input file directory name is correctly specified in the line "cd ...."

    (b) You have specified the "scratch" parameter to "/tmp" in the abaqus job line.

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