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ABAQUS Installation Instructions

Accessing on-line Help from CAE

If users have Windows version of ABAQUS Version 6.8 or 6.9 installed in their networked PCs the on-line version of the manuals can be accessed by making the following changes :

For version 6.9

For version 6.8

Intel Windows Version

Networked PCs within the Engineering Department

Users who require a copy of ABAQUS installed in their PCs (running Windows XP or Linux) in the Engineering Department which is connected to the departmental network have 2 options :

On-line installation (This is ONLY for members of the Engineering Department , Cambridge University)

First obtain the license server information using your PIN (only accessible from within the department) :

License Server : ABAQUS License Server (You need this information for the on-line installation)

Please contact amb2@eng (If you cannot access the above page).

Once you have the details of license server and URL for the on-line document, follow the instruction given below :

To do this, on your PC, Start --> Run : \\diva-appserv\windows\abaqus.

and click on OK.

This will display the folder for versions 6.9 and 6.8. Open the appropriate folder. This will display the available verisons for the different platforms and the Document options as folders.

The following versions are available for ABAQUS 6.8 and 6.9 :

  1. Windows86_32
  2. Windows86_64
  3. Linux32
  4. Linux64
  5. Linux86_64
Then click on setup.exe to start the installation.

When the options presented are O License O Product . Choose Product.

For license servers : Choose single server (and enter the port number and the license server).

When prompted for the URL enter the details found with the license server.

Select the ABAQUS Installation directory : (default) c:\SIMULIA\ABAQUS\6.9-1

Select the ABAQUS Run time working directory : (default) C:\temp

At this stage review the settings and click ON the Install button.

This will start the installation and at completion will run the verification program.

This will only work from within the Engineering Department ie from computers with IP address 129.169.*. This facility has been set up by pjb1008.

Email pc-support

Send an email request to giving the location of the computer.

If you intend to use FORTRAN user subroutines you also need to purchase a suitable version of FORTRAN Compiler (Intel Visual Fortran version 9.1 or 10.1).

Depending on the version of ABAQUS consult the appropriate ABAQUS web page (For version 6.8 see below) :

  • ABAQUS Version 6.9 System Requirements [Aug 2009]
  • ABAQUS Version 6.8 System Requirements [Aug 2008]

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