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20. ABAQUS/Viewer - Hardcopy

Q20.1 : How do I get a colour postscript output?

It is the default option for output
Default Print Option.
If the output is to a file (Toggle the button to File) then the PS Options gives other format options. Namely PNG, GIF, TIFF, EPS and SVG.

Q20.2 : having problem importing a postscript plots into a PC based word processing document. Is there an alternative?

File --> Print.

Seelct TIFF or PNG format for output. Then save it to a file

Q20.3 : How do I create an encapsulated postscript output file for inclusion in a latex document ?

Follow the instructions given for question 20.1 and then toggle the radio button to File.
One of the available options is EPS. Choose this to create an encapsulated postscript file.

Q20.4 : Is it possible to create a A3/A2/A1 size output from a ABAQUS analysis? ?

Yes. This is possible with ABAQUS/Viewer.
It is also possible with PATRAN and FEMGV.

Q20.5 : Is it possible to create a plot of size 200 mm x 100 mm from a ABAQUS analysis? ?

Yes it is possible with current version.

Q20.6 : I am getting blank sheets from CAE when printing?

Use the printing command with the -oraw option :
lp -dljmr1 -oraw  

Q20.7 : I am getting figures which are completely black when producing Black and White Plots?

For the Renderer Style DO NOT use Black and White. Use either Colour or Gray scale
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