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21. ABAQUS Troubleshooting

Q21.1 : While using the Graphics module CAE when expecting a menu page to pop-up got a icon with a cyan coloured double column. This makes it impossible to progress with the work. What is the problem?

This is due to a bug. Happens when you use the fvwm2 or Start to run a window manager. In the Teaching System (H P) this is prone to the above bug. This is less likely with twm window manager.
Click the RHS Mouse button on this icon and choose close.
The SAVE the session and quit from the Graphics window.
Then quit from the window manager and the type dtwm window manager and then start up ABAQUS and this should allow you to continue using the graphics module.

Q21.2 : ABAQUS 6.4 in installed in a PC running XP. The Graphics module's viewport when moved around leaves a shadow (permanent remainder) on the screen. How does one fix this problem?

In the \6.4-1\site\abaqus_v6.env file
insert the following line to the end of the file :
This is known to fix other graphics related problems.

Q21.3 : I have both ABAQUS 6.5.2, 6.6 and PATRAN 2005R2 installed in my PC. How do I get ABAQUS to run from within PATRAN?

There is no compatible version of PATRAN available to work ABAQUS 6.6, and 6.7. However ABAQUS 6.5-2 is compatible with PATRAN 2005R2. You need to find the P3_TRANS.INI in the PATRAN installation directory.
It was found in C:\MSc.Software\MSc.PATRAN\2005r2 directory
In this file look for a line [Abaqus]. In the next few lines which follow make the following changes :
Make the following changes (lines which begin with ; are comment lines):

; Host=lansing
; Hosttype=UNIX
; Scratchdir=/tmp

Q21.4 : How do I keep the PATRAN databases compact If I am only using ABAQUS ?

You need to create a ABAQUS specific database. Startup PATRAN as usual to create a new database. Name this abaqus. Change the template and choose base.db. Then on the command line type :load_abaqus() anf press RETURN. This will load the necessary ABAQUS related information. When you get the Green LIght choose File --> Quit. Now find the abaqus.db database and move this into the diretory which contains the other templates in the PATRAN Installation directory C:\MSc.Software\MSc.PATRAN\2005r2

Q21.5 : PATRAN is complaining about the license server ?

In the PATRAN Installation directory C:\MSc.Software\MSc.PATRAN\2005r2 look for a file called Site_setup.ppm. Check the entry for the license file. Check the port number and the license server are valid.
Some of the other settings are shown below :
setEnv('P3_HELP_DIRECTORY','C:\MSC.Software\MSC.Patran Documentation\2005r2\html_patran/');
To run Pro/ENGINEER and be able to import Pro/ENGINEER parts and assemblies into PATRAN. You need a valid license to run pro/ENGINEER locally in your computer in order to be able to do that:
setenv('MSCP_PROE_CMD','C:\Program Files\proe2001\bin\pro.bat');

Q21.6 : How do I run a complete verify ?

In a temporary directory, type :
abq681 verify -all
This will run through a complete check and leave a verify.log which is the report.

Q21.7 : How do I run part of a verify. For example to verify just the standard version ?

In a temporary directory, type :
abq681 verify -user_std
THis will test just test the user-subroutine which is available with the standard version.
abq681 verify -std -user_std -viewer -exp
Other options can be added by preceding that with the 'hyphen' as shown above. This will verify the standard version, the viewer and the explicit versions.

Q21.8 : How do I identify the nodes with warning messages in a completed analysis?

Select the Module Visualization and click on the Display Group icon. In the new dialogue box choose the Nodes in the LHS list and this will list the various categories of Nodes including the Nodes with Warnings associated with them. Tick the box to highlight and select the nodes with warning and these will be highlighted in Red.
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