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Introduction (National Instruments Home Page)

LABVIEW is a Graphical Development Environment from National Instruments Ltd.

LabVIEW allows acquiring, analyzing, and presenting data. LabVIEW is a graphical development environment that helps to quickly build data acquistion, instrumentation and control systems.

To specify system functionality simply assemble block diagrams - a natrural design notation for Scientists and Engineers. The tight integrations of LabVIEW with measurement hardware facilitates rapid development of data acquisition and control, analysis, and presentation solutions.

Some Useful Links

LabVIEW Academic Web page (at NI Ltd)

Software CDs

Software comprises a CD for each OS and various modules for :
  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. Mac

Please contact the Computer Operators to borrow the CDs. The current version is Spring 2010 (2009 version with Service Pack 1).

Software included in the License

Software covered by the Site License (PDF file)

On-line Installation (For Windows)

To carry out an on-line installation, on your PC, Start --> Run : \\diva-appserv\windows\labview.

and click on OK.

This will display the folders for version 8.5, 8.6 and 2010 respectively.

Choose the appropriate folder for the version you require.

The 2010 version (Spring 2010 version, 2009 version with SP1) has the following folders :

Choose the appropriate folder and continue.

Activation Instructions

Serial Number

Labview Serial Number [31 March 2009] (required for getting Activation Code for your computer) (PIN access).

Labview Serial Number [31 March 2009] (required for getting Activation Code for your computer) (Raven password access).

Please contact the Computer Operators (If you cannot access the above page).

Computer ID (16 Character Code)

To obtain your computer-ID :

From NI License Manager Start --> Programs --> National Instruments --> NI License Manager .

Go to Options --> Display Computer ID .

Activation Code

The Activation Code for the Labview CVI Full Development System is specific to each computer. It is a 20 character code (example):


DO NOT QUOTE THIS CODE - It is given here for illustrative purposes only.

The Activation code is generated by quoting the serial number and the computer ID (which is 16 character code).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions on getting Activation Code for your Computer

You can get an activation code using any computer that has an Internet connection. NI does not require that the computer on whch you run NI software have Internet or email access.

For more information on activation, refer to your product documentation or visit

General Information on Activation.

Getting the Activation Code

The following link is the starting point for this.

Product Activation Information.

On the form which is displayed enter the following information :

Product Activation and Licensing Page

Product to Activate : Labview
Second Box : Labview
Product version : 2010
Click on GO button

This will bring a new form (given below) :

Activating Your Product Page

The following Information have to be entered :

Product : Labview *** This will be filled in by default
Operating System : Windows ***
product version : 2011 ***
Serial Number : Enter this (9 character code)
Computer or Device ID : Enter this (16 character code)
First Name : Enter this
Last Name : Enter this
Organization : Cambridge University
Email Address : Enter your email address

Click on the Continue button and this would generate and display your activation code for use with your computer.

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