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MATLAB - Classroom License

Depending in the teaching requirement one could have a "Classroom License" These are mutually exclusive of the Main departmental networked licensing scheme. Classroom licenses are the most cost effective compared to Group and Concurrent licenses on a per item basis.

However it should be properly costed as the basic matlab has to be paid for in addition to the TLBXs being purchased. If adding to the networked departmental licenses one needs to pay for only the additional TLBXs.

The Classroom licence allows one to have tailor made basket of MATLAB modules to enable the Teaching Staff (TSTaff) to run courses and labs using its own separate licenses. Whereas the main departmental networked licenses can be used any member of the Engineering Department (Students and Staff) "Classroom License" is restricted to the students only (Undergraduates).

Signal Processing Group has such a classroom license solely for the use of students in that group. This license is not for the use of the rest of the Department.

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