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MATLAB Licensing Information at CUED

This page does not have any technical information on MATLAB. It is mainly to deal with the questions that arise regarding licensing of MATLAB within the Engineering Department.


The department has joined the University wide site-license which is known as the TAH License. As a result the MATLAB Licenses that are available are split into two broad categories : (a) The TAH License (b) Departmental Additional Concurrent Licenses (ACL).

  • TAH License which includes the Basic MATLAB, Simulink and 14 other Toolboxes (TLBXs).
  • Departmental ACL covers all other TLBXs used in the department and not covered by the TAH License (mostly paid for by various research groups).

The list of TLBXs in these two categories are mutually exclusive. Nevertheless these can be used in conjunction with each other in computers which are connected to department's network. However reserved licenses which is part of the additional concurrent departmental licences are not available for general use.

The additional concurrent licenses cannot be used on their own as it does not have the Basic MATLAB.

The TAH license forms the basis of the MATLAB usage and should be installed first on any computer. Then optionally if the Toolboxes available on the additional Departmental concurrent license are required these can be installed to supplement the Toolboxes available with the TAH License.

  1. Toolboxes covered by the TAH License
  2. Complete list of all Toolboxes covered by both licenses
  3. Departmental MATLAB Licenses (Combined List) Includes the TAH, ACL.

Both these licenses are served by the same license server.

both sets of licenses are accessed by the following license file in the user's computer.

File Name : license.dat

SERVER matlab-lmserv 0 1711


To distinguish between the two set of licenses the following license numbers are used :

  • TAH License - 666637.
  • ACL - 38969 (This number should be quoted in orders when additional TLBXs are purchased for concurrent use).

Availability of MATLAB to different category of users and computers

Any member of the department can use both categories of licenses on computers which are connected to the department's computer network and are part of the department's computer system (Example : the terminals in the DPO).

Windows PCs, Mac-OS, O/S Linux) connected to the Teaching System (TS) Network can access these licenses.

Members of staff and students can also use the TAH license in standalone mode ie not connected to any network in their personal computers (laptops). They can also use it on any PWF which may be available as part of the College Computing System. However they are not allowed to have MATLAB licensed by the department installed in their personal computers (desktops and laptops in college rooms and at home).

Categories of Users and Computers


License Codes, Activation and Installation Keys

Activation and Installation Keys (includes Release 25 - version 2011b) - Access using Raven Password

License Codes and Installation Keys (includes Release 25 - version 2011b) - Access using Raven Password

Reserved Licenses

Reserved Licenses - External access using Raven Password

Reserved Licenses - Internal access using PIN

Software Media

The following options are available for installing MATLAB :

  • Since all users will be able to get a Mathworks account, it should be possible to download it directly from the Mathworks site.
  • If they bring the laptops to the department and connect it to the departmental network they can download it from \\diva-appserv\ (A facility set up Peter Benie).
  • MATLAB CDs can be borrowed from the Computer Operators.

Installation and Activation of MATLAB in different categories of computers

Installation and Activation Information for different categories of computers

There is no activation requird for MATLAB on networked computers. Only a license file (license.dat) is required.

Installation and Activation of MATLAB Software

Installation and Activation Instructions

The asset managers listed below will be able help with activation of the matlab licenses if users have problem activating the licenses themselves on laptops for use in standalone mode.

Contact the asset manager for your division in the first instance. When they are not available contact pc-support@eng.

  • Division A : Peter Benie (pjb1008@eng)
  • Division B : John Norcott (jpn25@eng)
  • Division C : Paul Long (pml29@eng)
  • Division D : Tim Ablett (taa@eng)
  • Division F : Patrick Gosling (jpmg@eng), Anna Langley (jal58@eng)
  • Signal Processing Group (Div. F): Dr P. Richardson (pr374@eng)

Student License

Student License

Classroom License

Classroom License

Group License

Group License

Offsite Access to MATLAB License server

The following facilities are only available to members of staff and postgraduates of the department. These are not available for undergraduates.

Remote Access to the Teaching System Computers to run MATLAB

This option is available for all members of the department including undergraduates.

Academic Price List

Price List

Frequently Asked Questions on MATLAB Licensing

Frequently Asked Questions