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MATLAB - Frequently Asked Questions on Relocation of MATLAB Licenses

This page does not have any technical information on MATLAB. It is mainly to deal with the questions that arise regarding the relocation of the Networked Departmental MATLAB Licenses in the Engineering Department.

  1. Q1.1 : I am running MATLAB jobs for weeks and will these jobs be affected in anyway due to the relocation of the MATLAB Licenses. ?
  2. There is no danger of MATLAB jobs stopping suddenly when the changeover takes place. The reason is that from the changeover time followed by the transition period the current license server will continue to issue MATLAB Licenses.

    The dates of changeover and the end of the transition period will be announced in due course.

    The current license server will stop issuing MATLAB Licenses only at the end of the transition period.

    Therefore in theory the change to the license file can be made any time from now onwards through the transition period right until jigsaw stops serving the licenses.

    The system staff will also be able to identify the users and computers who are still using the old license server when the changeover takes place.

    If the majority of the users comply with the request and make the change then the few can be dealt with without much panic during the transition period.

    You can put in a request to requesting the change to the MATLAB license file.

  3. Q1.2 : I want to make the change myself, so where can I find the license.dat file?
  4. Start --> ALL Programs --> MATLAB -> (say) R2007a (Click Right Mouse Button on this option and select the "Properties" option from the menu). In the dialogue box Target will give the path name for the MATLAB executable.

    Use this information to locate the license file : (Note that the executable is found in the ..\bin directory but not the license file)

    Example : C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2008a\bin\win32\license.dat

    This is if you are running MATLAB on a Windows PC Computer. However there might be variations of this,

  5. Q1.3 : I am running an experiment and logging data and disruption will set back my research..?
  6. Please see the answer to Q1.1.

  7. Q1.4 : I inherited the computer I am using now from another user. How can I check whether I am using the departmental MATLAB Licenses?
  8. Start up MATLAB on you computer.

    START --> ALL Programs --> Accessories --> DOS Prompt.

    In the window type : "host name" or "ipconfig /all"

    The name which appears for hostname is the ID for your computer.

    Now access the Teaching System Computer using X-win32 and login to "X-access".

    Type the following command :

    matlics | grep "< hostname>"

    here substitute your computer's hostname instead of < hostname>

    Example : matlics | grep "tonto"

    If it lists a line with a match then you do indeed use the Departmental license server.

    The LOGIN name you use to log in to your computer will also be listed.

    You can alternately use that to check whether you are using the MATLAB License server.

    Example : matlics | grep "A.N. Other"
              matlics | grep "Other"
    If this does not return any line check that you are still running MATLAB on your computer.

    The absence would indicate that you are not using the Departmental license server.

  9. Q1.5 : I use it from college, what do I need to do?
  10. You need to make the following change. Instead of matlab-lmserv use linux-lmserv in the license file.

  11. Q1.6: I run MATLAB from home using PuTTY, Is there anything I need to do?
  12. If you have been using


    Then you need to replace the "jigsaw" with "mallet"

    Similar;y you need to replace every occurrence of "jigsaw" with "mallet".

  13. Q1.7 : My computer is running Mac OS. What do I Do?/A>

  14. Q1.8 : My computer is running the Linux O/S. What I need to do ?
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