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Departmental Matlab TAH License Information

Note that this page gives out information on all the toolboxes (TLBXs) covered by the Department's Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license. The number of licenses for the following TLBXs are virtually unlimited.

TAH License
Module / TLBX
Control System TLBX
Curve Fitting TLBX
Data Acquisition TLBX
Image Processing TLBX
Instrument Control TLBX
Optimization TLBX
Signal Processing TLBX
Signal Processing Blockset
Statistics TLBX
Symbolic Maths TLBX

Spline TLBX is now part of the Curve Fitting TLBX.

Extended Symbolic Maths TLBX is included in the Symbolic Maths TLBX

The Toolboxes in general can be installed in users own computers.

Staff and Students can have MATLAB and the TLBXs listed above installed in their laptops and standalone Desktop computers.

Any Toolboxes not listed above will have to be purchased to be used in stand-alone mode.

It is possible to get a trial license for any of the TLBXs not listed above usually for a period of 2 weeks to try out before purchase. Contact comp-admin@eng.cam.ac.uk for further details.

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Last updated: 14 December 2011