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MATLAB - Frequently Asked Questions on Licensing at CUED

This page does not have any technical information on MATLAB. It is mainly to deal with the questions that arise regarding licensing of MATLAB within the Engineering Department.

  • Q1.1 : What MATLAB Licenses are available at the Engineering Department?
  • The list of TLBXs in these two categories are mutually exclusive. Nevertheless these can be used in conjunction with each other in computers which are connected to department's network. However reserved licenses which is part of the additional concurrent departmental licences are not available for general use.

    The additional concurrent licenses cannot be used on their own as it does not have the Basic MATLAB.

    The TAH license forms the basis of the MATLAB usage and should be installed first on any computer. Then optionally if the Toolboxes available on the additional Departmental concurrent license are required these can be installed to supplement the TAH License.

  • Q1.2 : Who can use the TAH MATLAB Licenses that are available at the Engineering Department?
  • Any member of the department can use the TAH License on computers which are connected to the department's computer network and are part of the department's computer system (Example : the terminals in the DPO).

    This excludes undergraduates laptops.

    Members of staff and postgraduates can also use the TAH license in standalone mode ie not connected to the network in their personal computers (laptops).

    Undergraduates can only use it on computers which form the Deaprtment's Teaching System. They can also use it on any PWF which may be available as part of the College Computing System. However they are not allowed to have MATLAB licensed by the department installed in their personal computers.

  • Q1.3 : I am an undergraduate. Why cannot I use the departmental licensed MATLAB on my laptop which is connected to the university network?
  • In general the usage of MATLAB on undergraduates personal computers is covered by a separate TAH Student Campus License. At present neither the department nor the university subscribe to this scheme.

  • Q1.4 : I am a fourth year project student. I need to use MATLAB extensively what are the options that are available?
  • Check with your college to see whether any PWF (Public Workstation Facility) which has MATLAB installed.

    Alternatively remote login to the departmental computers and run MATLAB on the cluster servers.

    If you feel that your project work could be affected adversely you should talk to your project supervisor in the first instance.

    You should also talk to your Director of Studies at College about having MATLAB on a PWF system in the college.

    There is also a student edition of MATLAB that can be purchased from the following Mathworks website : Student's Version of MATLAB.

  • Q1.5 : How can I get MATLAB installed on a laptop to use it in standalone mode?
  • You need to be a member of staff or a postgraduate of the department.

    To start with the computer has to be connected to the departmental network to enable the licensing. Once this is done it can be used in stand-alone mode.

    The steps involved are as follows :

    Installation of MATLAB.

    Once this is done MATLAB can be used either connected to the network or in standalone mode.

    Note that the concurrent licenses for additional TLBXs can only be used while the computer is connected to the departmental network.

  • Q1.6 : Can I use the additional concurrent TLBX licenses in standalone mode?
  • No these cannot be used in standalone mode only in the networked mode.

    You need to purchase from Mathworks and additional TLBX license to use it in standalone mode.

  • Q1.7 : How do I get the standard version of MATLAB installed in a PC?
    1. You can put in a request to requesting MATLAB to be installed in a networked computer in the department.

      Give details of the computer (select the platform/OS from the following options)

      Also include the location of the computer and when it is convenient to install it.

    2. If you want to install it yourself then contact the Computer Operators to see whether they have loan copies available for borrowing.
    3. has set up a facility for installation over the network.

      From the PC, Start -----> Run and in the dialogue box marked Open enter : \\diva-appserv\windows and click on the OK button to start the process.

  • Q1.8 : I have a standalone computer (Laptop) and I want to install MATLAB. Can I use the departmental licenses to run it?
  • Usage of MATLAB licensed by the Department

    to the Dept's
    network **
    Personal Laptops
    connected to
    the Dept's
    connected to
    the University
    network in
    college rooms
    in standalone
    All Yes - - - -
    (Excluding 4th years)
    Yes No No Yes No
    4th year Project students Yes No No Yes Yes (++)
    Postgraduates Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Members of Staff Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Visitors Yes No No No No

    ++ - Mathworks are giving the 4th year project students a temporary license for running MATLAB in standalone mode in their personal laptops (valid untill 25th of March 2011).

  • Q1.25 : I have purchased a Student version of MATLAB and installed in my computer. However I want to use a TLBX which is only available with the departmental license server. Can I use the departmental license server along with my student version of MATLAB?
  • No. It won't be possible to make use of both licenses in a single session. These licenses are mutually exclusive.

  • Q1.26 : I want to trial a TLBX on my PC before purchasing. How do I get a trial version of a TLBX ?
  • Email with your request. In the email include the following information :
    1. Your Computer's Operating System : Windows XP or Linux
    2. The version of MATLAB you are using.

  • Q1.27 : I want to trial the Parallel Computing Toolbox for my workstation with 2 Quad-core processors. How much is the cost?
  • The networked version of a single copy costs GBP 235 + VAT. The stand alone version costs GBP 150 + VAT.

  • Q1.28 : I am interested in setting up a cluster of computers with multiprocessors to run MATLAB in parallel using the Distributed Computing Server TLBX. I want to know the cost of these for different configuration ?
  • In addition to the Parallel Computing TLBX the cost is given based on the Total number of Processors in the cluster :

    Distributed Computing Costs

    Purchase & Maintenance Costs
    Total No. of Processors in Cluster 8 16 32 64 96 128
    Purchase Cost - First Year (GBP) Add VAT 1,500 2,750 5,000 8,750 11,500 15,000
    Maintenance Costs - Subsequent Years (GBP) Add VAT 300 550 1,000 1,750 2,300 3,000

    MATLAB Distributed Computing Server Academic Price List (January 2010)

  • Q1.29 : I am installing MATLAB and I have followed the instructions and have managed to install MATLAB. However when I try to run it it is asking for an Activation key?
  • The networked departmental license does not require an Activation Key.

  • Q1.29 : I am installing MATLAB and I have followed the instructions and have managed to install MATLAB. However when I try to run it it is asking for an Activation key?
  • The networked departmental license does not have an Activation Key and does not require an Activation Key. It only requires the Installation Key.

    However a stand-alone installation of matlab (after being installed using the installation key) will require the license to be activated. This needs to be done only once and will require a Activation key.

    Activation Key

  • Q1.30 : How do I uninstall a MATLAB TLBX which I have un-intentionally installed?
  • The following link explains how to uninstall a MATLAB TLBX :

    How to uninstall a MATLAB TLBX

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