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Remote access to the Teaching System Computers and running MATLAB (from Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 computers)

This deals with the Remote access to the Teaching System Computers for running the various programs available including MATLAB from any Computers in College rooms and Home Computers (even if not connected to the Cambridge University Network). Requires the use of Broadband Internet connection.

Strictly for Members of the Cambridge University Engineering Department as it requires a valid User-iD and password.

Before trying to use this MATLAB facility users should consider alternate options : For Members of the department (Staff, Postgraduates and Undergraduates can have stand alone version of MATLAB installed in their laptops).

Programs Required

Both these can be downloaded from the internet.


The steps involved are listed below :
  1. Establishing a connection to the CUED Computing system using secure shell.
  2. starting X-win 32.
  3. Running MATLAB in the Teaching System Computers.
Follow these steps in the order these are listed.

Setting up a Secure Shell connection

The first stage of this process is establishing a connection to the Teaching System Computers using secure shell. You need down load PuTTY and start it. Enter for the Host Name.

In order save this give it a session name (for example) remote-access

Choose SSH and sub-option X11

Check the box marked Enable X11 forwarding.

Now choose sub-option Tunnels

Check the box marked Local ports accept connections from other hosts.

Next enter Source Port : 27000 and Destination : and click on Add. It would appear as


Now complete the rest of the input :

So it is displayed as follows :

If you make any mistakes, select the line and click on Remove, Make the necessary changes and click on Add

Select Session from Category menu on the Left Hand Side (LHS) of the PuTTY configuration window and click on Save to save the session.

Click on Open and this will give you a login window :

In subsequent sessions you need to load the saved session and login to the Teaching System Computers every time you want to use MATLAB.

Once you have established the SSH connection and logged into the gateway start a session of X-win 32.

Then slogin to one of the cluster servers.

Steps involved in running MATLAB after the Initial setup

Subsequent to the initial setting up steps you need to follow only the steps listed below:

  1. Double click on PuTTy icon in the desktop and load the saved session and click on Open .
  2. Enter your Teaching System user-ID at the LOGIN prompt and follow it up with the password when prompted for it.
  3. Start X-win 32.
  4. slogin to one of the servers.


Report Problems

If you run into any problems email a description of it to :

Include screen dumps (use the ALT/ Print Screen buttons) of any error messages.

Last updated: 24 November 2010

© 2008 Cambridge University Department of Engineering
Information provided by Peter Benie, Peter Clarkson, Paul Long, Patrick Gosling, John Norcott and Paul Whitehouse