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This document contains links which can't be accessed from outside CUED.

Package (Software) Academic Contact in CUED License Contact in CUED License Server, Install, Update & Problems Local Web Page Software Media Installation of Software Installation Problems Technical Support
ABAQUS gjm31 comp-admin
helpdesk cued-abaqus \\diva-appserv\windows helpdesk Div D : div-d-support helpdesk Div D : div-d-support abaqus-support
ANSYS jpn25 comp-admin
helpdesk cued-ansys \\diva-appserv\windows helpdesk (*) helpdesk (*) N/A
Fluent pjb1008 pjb1008 sys-admin helpdesk cued-ansys \\diva-appserv\windows pjb1008 pjb1008 N/A
LABVIEW comp-admin comp-admin sys-admin helpdesk cued-labview \\diva-appserv\windows helpdesk helpdesk helpdesk mrt10
MATLAB pml29 pml29 helpdesk cued-matlab
\\diva-appserv\windows helpdesk Div D : div-d-support helpdesk Div D : div-d-support tpl
Pro/ENGINEER Creo pjgl2 comp-admin helpdesk cued-ProE
Design Office-ProE
\\diva-appserv\windows helpdesk (*) helpdesk (*) pjgl2
PowerMILL PowerSHAPE pdw pdw pdw pml29 - helpdesk (*) helpdesk (*) Div D : div-d-support helpdesk (*) Div D : div-d-support NOT AVAILABLE
SAMTECH comp-admin comp-admin helpdesk helpdesk - helpdesk (*) helpdesk(*) helpdesk (*) NOT AVAILABLE
Mentor Graphics dmh dmh helpdesk helpdesk - dmh dmh dmh dmh
Solid Works lg303 lg303 lg303 - lg303 (*) lg303 lg303 lg303

Key : twns - INTEL PCs in the DPO

Installing Packages on Personal Computers in the Department

Users can request the following packages to be installed in their personal computers in the department which are connected to the Department's network.

The following packages are covered by Site Licenses :

  • MATLAB (Centrally funded Toolboxes and basic matlab are Free of Charge).
  • LABVIEW (Centrally funded. Free of charge for CUED users).
  • Creo (Free of charge for CUED users).
  • ABAQUS (To be paid for by Users on a individual basis for research use. At present paid by Division C, MicroMechanics Group, Structures and GeotechnicalEngineering Groups). Centrally funded for Teaching and Project use.
  • ANSYS (Licenses have been paid for by the Electrical Power Group. Users of other groups have to contribute towards the license cost - email bp275 for details).