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Commands to run the Programs on the Linux Servers

Most of the following programs are now also available in the DPO Terminals (locally).

A list of the Linux servers and the difference between Terminals and servers is given in Linux Servers

To access the Linux servers LOGON to the Teaching system computers in the DPO (Clusters 1 to 6).

To run these locally in the Terminals click on the Applications icon and then double click on the icon for the software. To run it on the servers, click the RMB (Right Mouse button) in clear area in the desktop and from the Menu which pops up select Open Xterm

In that x-term window type server-xterm. This will give an xterm on the server for that cluster.

Type xterm& on this window to get another xterm.

Type the command (from the list given below) to run the package you want to run.

Instead of using server-xterm above you can use the slogin -X <name-of-the-server> if you wanted to login to a specific server.

For example if you wanted to login to tanto, type slogin -X tanto.

--------------------- --------- ----------------------------------------
Software Commands to run the programs
--------------------- --------- ----------------------------------------
ABAQUS 6.5-2 abaqus65 or abq652
ABAQUS 6.8 abaqus or abq681
ABAQUS 6.9 abq691
ABAQUS 6.10 abaqus
ABAQUS 6.11 abq6111
ANSYS 11.0 ansys
MATLAB R2008a matlab
MATLAB R2009a matlabR2009a
ProE Wildfire 5 proe