Department of Engineering

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Network Rules



The following rules, made by the Department, apply to all users of systems connected to the Department's network and to all network services (for example including electronic mail, file transfer and remote login).

Use of the Network

  • Use of the Department's network is normally restricted to activities connected with the work of the Department: its research, teaching and administration. All other use, apart from appropriate light use by staff and students of the Department, must have explicit prior approval from the Department.
  • All users of the network must be registered on the central Departmental computer system so that, in the case of problems, the network administrators can identify and contact them rapidly. Please email the Helpdesk (helpdesk) to arrange this.
  • The national (e.g. JANET) and International Networks are for academic use only though limited recreational use is tolerated. Excessive use for non-academic purposes would constitute a breach of the rules. Commercial use is strictly forbidden.
  • Some external network use is charged by traffic volume (eg. transatlantic traffic). All reasonable efforts must be made to limit these costs, for example by using the cache for Web browsing.

In addition to these Departmental rules, the following also apply:

Anyone with special network requirements (including large volumes of chargeable network traffic) should contact the Helpdesk (helpdesk) in the first instance.

Attachment of Systems to the Department's Network

The following rules, made by the Department, apply to all systems connected to the Department's network:

  • All systems attached to the network must be registered by emailing IP Register (ip-register) before being connected. The information required for registration is detailed here. A name and IP address (like a user id) must be used only for the purpose for which it is allocated (typically this means on a specified piece of hardware). Any changes must have the approval of ip-register.
  • Systems attached to the Department's network will be allocated one of four levels of network access (see connection instructions for details). Attempts must not be made to gain greater access by using an unauthorised IP address.
  • Users must abide by the Terms and Conditions for use of the network. These include requirements that:
    • The system is adequately maintained and secured.
    • Access is provided to Computer Officers to investigate security problems.
    • Systems removed from the network because they pose a serious security threat may not be reconnected without permission.
    • Proper logs are kept to allow security problems to be investigated.
    • Every effort is made to keep the system virus free.
    • The machine is configured to allow routine network scanning and maintenance tools to work.

Appeals over judgements of inadequate security may be referred in the first instance to the Head of the IT Services Division and then, if still unresolved, to the Computer Strategy Committee.


Before any device is connected to the Department's network it must be registered. Information regarding the registration process can be found here.