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Anonymous ftp Upload

We now have a facility to allow a local user to be allocated a block of filespace, associated with a named group
into which files can be uploaded, therefore bypassing email size restrictions.

Appropriately authorised local users are able to upload into and download from the group space while external users
will only be able to upload files into the directory, using anonymous FTP. They will not be able to view, remove or
modify the contents of the directory. The group is arranged so that the external user has no knowledge of the
directory's contents, making it a "blind" upload, therefore offering a high degree of security.

To set up a group

What you need to do is to...

Connecting to ftp

Users should connect to ftp.eng.cam.ac.uk via an ftp program.

If you are an external user (with just write access)

Connect as above. Then...
You can't see what subdirectories exist in /pub/upload unless you already know their names.
You can only upload into this directory, you are unable to view, overwrite, delete or download files on it.

If you are a Local user (with read/write access)

Local users need to connect using authenticated ftp in order to have full access.

cd /var/ftp/pub/upload/<.GROUPNAME.>

and then read, copy, and/or delete any files they find there.


Alternatively, people with CUED user accounts who are in the appropriate group can ftp to
ftp.eng.cam.ac.uk with their CUED username/password, and (similarly)

cd /var/ftp/pub/upload/<.GROUPNAME.>

and then download, and/or delete any files they find there.
You can access the filespace directly by logging into club and doing

cd /var/ftp........

then use Unix commands (cp, rcp, rm, etc..) as required.

Informing external users

You will need to email your external users with instructions on how to upload files and where to upload them to.
We have a preformatted email explaining the procedure for uploading and which directory is available for
external users to upload files into.

The File System

The filesystem on which the upload directory resides is 2GB , and files over 14 days old will be automatically
removed (or you can remove them manually as desired).
We would like to take this opportunity to remind users of the rules governing the use of CUED computing facilities.

For further information

Computer Service info on Anonymous FTP.

Preformatted email

Dear ########,

I have set you up so that you have access to the anonymous ftp upload facility.
This allows you to make 'blind' uploads into a CUED group directory.

They are 'blind' uploads as you have no idea as to what other files are in the group and as a result, will have no file
manipulation access.

To access the group, type 'ftp ftp.eng.cam.ac.uk' then 'anonymous' when asked for a user or a name.
Then use your 'user email address' when a password is requested.

To get to the correct directory, type
cd /pub/upload/GROUPNAME (where GROUPNAME is *********)

As already mentioned, you are unable to see, download, overwrite or delete anything in this directory.

You may only upload by
put FILENAME (where FILENAME is the name of your file)

Logout with 'bye'

This filesystem on which the upload directory resides is 2GB , and files are deleted 14 days after they're uploaded.
For more info on CUED Anonymous ftp go to http://www-h.eng.cam.ac.uk/help/help2.anoymousftp.html

Yours sincerely

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Last updated 14-12-2004