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What is my password useful for?

Your Engineering Department Central Computing System userid provides access to the Teaching System (e.g. via the DPO terminals). It also allows access to the central filestore from Windows-based PCs and to the Web server update facility (both via the Map Network Drive option). Several research and admin servers make use of the central password database for authentication and there are a number of planned enhancements to Departmental facilities which will require users to be authenticated against their Central Computing System account.

If you think you don't really need an active account and can safely ignore that pesky password change reminder e-mail then try the following checklist:

If you answer "yes" to any of these then you do need an active Departmental Computing account and you do need to reset your password when requested to do so.

If you answer "no" to all of them then please contact the DPO Computer Operators about having your account converted to a placeholder. This will help you and us because active, unused accounts present a significant security risk.

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