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Abaqus Information

  • Version:
    Unix: upto V6.14, Windows: V6.14
  • Renewal Date:
    Oct 2015
  • Restriction on use:
    There are 32 Research licences available for academic use and 40 licences for teaching
    The 32 Research licences are charged for yearly, retrospectively, based on usage
  • Platforms:
    Unix, Windows (Macs not supported) but all Operating System can gain access to Abaqus via remote access
  • Are copies of the software available for my computer:
    Avalible from your Computer Officer, or email helpdesk
  • Installation instruction:
    IIB students/Pgrads/Staff can have copies of Abaqus on their own computers but the installation of the software will have to be done for you, contact your Computer Officer or email helpdesk
  • Is it on the Teaching System:
    Yes: Unix and Windows.
  • If so how do you run it:

The way we issue Abaqus licences has changed (From 01/01/2015). There are now two types of licences, Research and Teaching. On the teaching system only use the licence appropriate for your work.

On the Linux side of the teaching system.

We control which abaqus licence you collect by the use of two configuration files. A new user who runs the command


Will use the default configuration file and collect a research licence. If you start abaqus via either

Application Menu> CUED applications> CUED applications> Abaqus Teaching CAE

Command line: abaqus-teach

You will create a second configuration file which has primacy. This file when first set up will collect a teaching licence. If you want to control which licence you collect you can edit this file, abaqus_v6.env, which is in your home directory.

List of ways to start Abaqus on Linux

  • Via the Menu: Application Menu> CUED applications> CUED applications> Abaqus Teaching CAE
  • From the command line: abaqus-teach
  • From the command line: abaqus

Abaqus from Windows

Teaching Licences: Start>All Programs> Abaqus6.14-1>Abaqus CAE
Research Licences: Start>All Programs> Abaqus6.13-1>Abaqus CAE