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Abaqus Licencing

Abaqus Licencing changed on Oct. 2014

New Licencing specification

  • Research Licences: 32
  • Teaching Licences: 40 (The teaching licences have restrictions on the amount of nodes that the model can have.)
    • Should another Department require access to the teaching licences for teaching purposes they should email licence-admin

The two types of licences are looked after by different licence serves.

  • Research Licences are supported by: abaque-lmserv
    • To find out which Abaqus Research Licences are in use, from the command line use the following command:
    • abalicence
  • Teaching Licences are supported by: abaqus-teach-lmserv

Old Licencing specification

  • There were 32 licences, giving access to unlimited nodes, shared between Research and Teaching
  • During the teaching time's, teaching takes precedents
  • Abaqus software installed on Undergraduate laptops before Oct 2014 will not need its licencing arrangements changed for the new licencing aggrement