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Matlab Information

  • Version:
    upto version 2015a: Windows, Unix, Mac.
  • Renewal Date:
    Central University TAH Licence:
    Extra Departmental licences:
    Extra Departmental licences are charged for yearly, retrospectively based on usage.
  • Restriction on use:
    Available for academic use only.
    (Visitors may have a copy of the software as long as the computer they're using is connected to the CUED network.)
  • Platforms:
    Windows, Unix, Mac.
  • Are copies of the software available for my computer:
    Yes: Copies of the DVD's are available from the Computer Operators Office or contact helpdesk.
    Matlab can be installed from the Mathworks website see 'Installation instructions' for details.
  • Installation instructions:
    Matlab installation instructions
  • Is it on the Teaching System:
    Yes: Unix and Windows
  • If so how do you run it:
    From the Unix GUI: Applications>Education>Matlab
    From the Unix command line type: matlab
    From Windows: Start>All programs>MATLAB>R2015a>MATLAB R2015a
  • More Info on this subject.