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CUED Computer Seminars, Michaelmas 2014/2015

motif The Engineering Department is holding a series of computing seminars for post-graduates, undergraduates and staff. Non-CUED university people are also welcome to attend. The seminars will be at 3pm and last about an hour. The Friday talks are in LR3 (Inglis Building South, 1st floor - along this corridor and up the stairs). The Wednesday talks are in LR5 by the DPO. Mail Tim Love (tl136) to know more.

Fri 17th C++ (part 1)See the C++ course information. Speaker: Tim Love (LR3)
Wed 22ndC++ (part 2)Classes. Speaker: Tim Love (LR5)
Fri 24thC++ (part 3)Standard Library, Debugging. Speaker: Tim Love (LR3)
Wed 29th C++ (part 4)I/O, Maths. Speaker: Tim Love (LR5)
Fri 31stDocument Preparation using LaTeXAn introduction to LaTeX's concepts and related learning material. A practical session for local users will follow the seminar if space permits. More information is online. Speaker: Tim Love (LR3)

Fri 7thMatlab by ExampleMatlab can be used to perform sophisticated calculations and simulations then display data graphically. For local users a hands-on session will form a major part of the seminar, using the Matlab by Example document. Speaker: Tim Love (LR3)
Fri 14thPythonAn introduction to the language and the online course. Speaker: Tim Love (LR3)
Fri 21st Writing shell scriptsHow a few command lines can save many minutes of typing. See the notes. Speaker: Tim Love (LR3)
Fri 28th C++11: The new C++After nearly 15 years, there's a new C++. Speaker: Tim Love (LR3)

See the Seminars at CUED page for seminars on other subjects.

Note also that the Computing Service provide an extensive range of training courses.