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CUED Computer Seminars, Michaelmas 2015/2016

motif The Engineering Department is holding a series of computing seminars for post-graduates, undergraduates and staff. Non-CUED university people are also welcome to attend. The seminars will be at 3pm and last about an hour in LR11 (Baker Ground Floor, near the Mechanics Teaching Lab). Mail Tim Love (tl136) to know more.

Wed 21st C++ (part 1)See the C++ course information. Speaker: Tim Love (LR11)
Fri 23rdC++ (part 2)Classes. Speaker: Tim Love (LR11)
Wed 28thC++ (part 3)Standard Library, Debugging. Speaker: Tim Love (LR11)
Fri 30th C++ (part 4)I/O, Maths. Speaker: Tim Love (LR11)

Fri 6thDocument Preparation using LaTeXAn introduction to LaTeX's concepts and related learning material. A practical session for local users will follow the seminar if space permits. More information is online. Speaker: Tim Love (LR11)
Fri 13thMatlab by ExampleMatlab can be used to perform sophisticated calculations and simulations then display data graphically. For local users a hands-on session will form a major part of the seminar, using the Matlab by Example document. Speaker: Tim Love (LR11)
Fri 20thPythonAn introduction to the language and the online course. Speaker: Tim Love (LR11)
Fri 27th C++11: The new C++After nearly 15 years, there's a new C++. Speaker: Tim Love (LR11)

See the Seminars at CUED page for seminars on other subjects.

Note also that the Computing Service provide an extensive range of training courses.