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Some CamTools notes


This page (which will be much extended in the next few months) covers some issues for CUED staff who want to use CamTools.


When you add a University person (abc123 for example) to a group, CamTools will look for that person's e-mail address in Lookup, but users can make themselves ex-directory, so stopping CamTools finding their e-mail address. They'll appear as having "(no email)". Of course, you know what their e-mail address is, but apparently there's no way to override CamTools. The help desk said "CamTools takes all its address info straight from Lookup and does not maintain a separate user details database (for Raven users), so there is no way of bypassing that for a few selected users."


Swift, which is integrated into CamTools, is a way to generate online questionnaires. If you've created a questionnaire before, and the target audience is already a group within CamTools, it only takes a few minutes to publish an online survey.

Various types of questions are available, and the questions can be made compulsory. You can also choose whether people are allowed to change their replies. You create a survey from templates using a menu-driven facility, part of which is shown below.


A sample of a resulting survey is shown below


The target audience is automatically mailed to tell them about the questionnaire, and by default they're reminded a day before the deadline. After the deadline you can produce results in various formats - HTML, PDF, CSV (for Excel), etc. Here's part of the HTML output


Note that

You'll need to contact the CamTools Helpdesk to arrange for a Swift account to be set up. There's a good Swift User Guide in CamTools that gives more details about this, and shows you how to create and process tutorials.

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