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  • emacs' Help has various options for you to discover more about emacs. Some of these option split the window into 2. Use the Just One Window option at the bottom of the help menu to return to having a single window.
  • Info is the definitive source of emacs documentation, containing far more information than the online manual page. Move the pointer around and use the scrollbars to see the text. If a word becomes highlighted when the pointer passes over it, click with the middle-mouse-button to display more information on that subject. Type 'q' to quit.
  • Command Apropos ... tells you which emacs commands have something to do with a keyword that you're invited to type in.
  • List Keybindings lists the control-key sequences that run emacs commands.
  • Describe Key ... tells you what a particular control-key sequence does.
  • Describe Function ... gives a full description of an emacs function.
  • Emacs Tutorial runs a tutorial.