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Keyboard Control

Using these flags, KBKeyClickPercent, KBBellPercent, KBBellPitch, KBBellDuration, KBLed, KBLedMode, KBKey, KBAutoRepeatMode and this structure

 typedef struct {
        int key_click_percent;
        int bell_percent;/
        int bell_duration;
        int led;
        int led_mode;         /*LedModeOff LedModeOn*/
        int key;
        int auto_repeat_mode; /*AutoRepeatModeOn AutoRepeatModeOff
} XKeyboardControl;
one can change keyboard settings with
   XKeyboardControl *values

XAutoRepeatOn(display)          /* control keyboard auto repeat        */
XAutoRepeatOff(display)         /* control keyboard auto repeat        */

Tim Love
Mon Mar 11 17:03:18 GMT 1996