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3D libraries

If you are dealing with 3 dimensions, then look for the following packages at archive sites or ask a computer officer.
is a simplified implementation of the library that is described in Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice (2nd Ed.) by J.D. Foley, A. van Dam, S.K. Feiner, J.F. Hughes, (Addison-Wesley 1990). It's not very featureful, but it works quite nicely. It requires srgp, a 2d library, which is also available.

includes three-dimensional transformation routines and allows hierarchical definition of graphical objects. Phigs++ supports lighting models and shading. Eventually these facilities will be available in X environments using the PEX extension, but it might not be free.

is a flight simulator, but it contains a library of 3D routines that you may find useful.
can be used like a graphics library.

Tim Love