Department of Engineering - August 2011 computer system news

Building Work

The Operators Office, Computer Room and the office space next to this have been refurbished, and the Print Room is now next to Operators Office. In addition, there's a direct connection at first floor level between the Design & Project Office and the main staircase in the Inglis Building.

There's a new half-cluster of machines called cluster 7, a new cluster 8, and the group of PCs has been renamed cluster 9.

The DPO printers are now in the "Self service printer room" near the operators' room (diametrically opposite to where they used to be)

Program updates

  • The operating system has been updated to SuSE 11.4. It doesn't look very different from the old version, though you'll find changes in most of the programs you use.
  • Matlab is updated to version 2011b
  • OpenOffice has been renamed LibreOffice (and other programs in the suite have been similarly renamed)
  • pine calls alpine, and eng-pine has been removed
  • Pro/E has been renamed Creo
  • evince rather than acroread is the default PDF viewer
  • The log-out icon turns the power off

New Web Pages