Department of Engineering - September 2015 computer system news

Program/System updates

  • The CentOS 7.1 operating system is new, as is the New User Guide. Note that -
    • Matlab 2015a is the default matlab. New features include an animatedline command and Arduino support
    • octave 3.8.2 is installed
    • Python 3 is installed. To use it, type python3.4
    • Inkscape (in the Graphics submenu) is a popular drawing program
    • The C++ compiler is "g++ version 4.8.3". Use g++ -std=c++11 ... to compile C++11 code.
    Users with old accounts may need to remove old configuration files
    • If you get an "Unlock login Keyring" panel when you log in, remove ~/.gnome2/keyrings
    • If printing gives a "no default destination available" message, remove your .lpoptions and .cups/lpoptions files.
    • If you want to "reset factory defaults", remove the following folders in your home folder - .gconf, .gconfd, .cache, .gnome, .gnome2, .nautilus, .config, .local
  • Printing is new - Papercut (which uses the printers queue) replaces Uniflow
  • PINs have gone - RAVEN should always be an alternative

Documentation updates