Department of Engineering - Summer 2012 computer system news

The hardware

Many of the DPO screens are wide now (1920x1080 pixels).

The Operating System

We're running the Centos 6.2 operating system. It's still linux. Users might notice some minor differences compared with last year -

  • Yes, the desktop's blue, not green
  • The Firefox browser (Firefox ESR version 10*) uses a Downloads folder rather than a Download one.
  • The "Wastebasket" has become "Trash".
  • The green arrow in the taskbar has been replaced by an "Applications" button leading to a cascade of menus. It has no search box. The options to start labs are in the "All CUED applications" section.

New/revised web pages

Program updates (Linux)

  • Matlab updated to version 2012a
  • LibreOffice updated to version 3
  • gridengine has gone. Run long programs on ts-access

Program updates (Windows)

  • Creo updated to version 2

System changes

  • All 2012-13 Part 1B students' printing quotas will be moved to the Uniflow system. For details see the Printing page.
  • has gone.